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Accelerated Web Solutions told me I could pick my own type of products to sell, they bullied me in to farm products when I wanted to do something else, they came up with They told me this was my site and could not be taken away from me. I paid for it. They told me no further investment would be asked for. They kept wanting more money. A guy named Andy kept calling and bothering me. A couple of times he did not tell me who he was and kept asking questions about my website. One time he told me that he “just came across my website”, he gave me the impression that he was not with Accelerated Web Solutions. They put a lot of misinformation on the site that was harmful to my reputation as person that raises alpacas and Llamas. Now my site is gone so I can not use it for any reason what so ever and I am out of my money. They told me that If I ever wanted to sell my domain name it would be worth thousands of dollars, but I was not given a chance to sell it, they apparently just did away with it themselves. The website that I paid for should be made available to me so I can use it for something else or get my money back. Better yet sell it for the thousands of dollars that they said it is worth. And they supposedly have an A+ rating with the BBB. It is the first time in my life that I have fallen for a scam. I thought that I had researched them so well.

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