Purchased new 2018Forza 34T on Dec 7, 2017 from Southaven RV in Southaven. MS. Had several problems on the way home to the Dallas. Tx area. On a return trip to Southaven, we had warranty repairs performed at the purchasing dealer on March 12, 2018. Most of those repairs lasted for only a few months. I brought the unit to McCleans RV in the Dallas area with a list of issues on January 7, 2019 and was informed that the warranty is no longer valid. I was told at the purchasing dealer that problems with the coach would be covered for three years, but I have nothing from the dealer concerning this or any other Winnebago warranty. I did purchase and extended warranty for 7 years, but it is limited in scope. Several of the current issues are safety related and I will file complaints with NHTSA since Winnebago will not repair the issues. Those two issues are: 1) bed above driver and passenger will not lock in place on the passenger side and is slanted down on that side, as a result the seatbelt type attachment on driver side cannot be locked. Should the driver side drive mechanism fail while in motion, it will impact the drivers ability to control the vehicle and 2) the two outside storage bay doors behind the entrance door open while in motion. This has happened several times and struck objects on the side of road. This has damaged the two doors. Fortunately there were no vehicles on the passenger side when this occurred. If there were, it would likely cause a traffic accident to either vehicle.How do I have to resolve the two safety related issues and how do I get the defective repairs reworked?

George W. Weimer
[protected] [protected] Email: [email protected]

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