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My husband and I were in the process of building a new house and we were trying to sell our old one. But there was a lien on our current home because of my husband’s past tax issues. We were searching for some resolution to the problem and were referred to Signature Tax. This company is headed by Tax Attorney, Clifford V. Aaron. We were told that Signature Tax company provides an outlet for the individual taxpayer and corporations under the heavy burden of tax debt, so we decided to give it a try. We checked their website and it seemed like a reputable company.
We contacted the company and spoke to their representative. She was very kind and polite, and told that fixing the problem would cost us $2000. The second time we called we were dealing with a very rude and impolite person. The man was too pushy and would not let my husband or me get a word in. But we really needed to sell our house so we provided them our credit card information. They charged our card and two weeks later we received an email stating they needed extra $1500. We provided them the $1500 and the same day they came back to us and with a payment plan. They offered us to pay the IRS $320 for 3 months and then the lien would be removed. Everything seemed fine and we finally sold our house. Three month later suddenly we received a call from Signature Tax and we were told that we have to keep making payments.
This company is terrible! First they lied about the payment and they also lied about the payment plan. We never expected that any other payments. After they took our money they did not provide any documents about our agreement. And now, three months later they say that we owe them something! These people are liars! Avoid, this company is not trustworthy.

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