RainCity was referred to me by a friend who has complicated taxes. Since I’m starting my own solopreneur business, it seemed a good idea to get professional help. Don’t use them. Although the people are nice, good people, I have no trust in them financially at all. So far, they have accurately done anything for me ZERO out of three times. No more chances.

* I was billed $250 for my introductory meeting for him to enter his own working copy of my previous years taxes, and for creating a W2 I didn’t need or didn’t want. I paid it anyway. * Furthermore, the W2 he did create had errors. I pay my au pair $200 weekly as stipulated by the au pair agency contract. He calculated her yearly wage as $9600. Guess what? There’s 52 weeks in a year, not 48.

* Then when it did come time for him to do my taxes, he missed all the tabs in my Excel workbook except the first one.* I had rough calculated to get a $1000 return. His tax return said that I owed almost $6000. * Then when I called them to point out the error (hey, tax season is busy, I get it, people make mistakes), someone else in his agency only deducted part of my business expenses claiming it was because I was a startup and my new return said I owed about $4000.

My expenses were software tools and training. I told them they were still wrong, we were out of time because taxes were due in two days, so instead they said they’d file a zero-due tax extension.* Now, they’re charging me $350 for doing my taxes.As a starting small business owner and a friend of many artists, I value paying people for their time.

I don’t think I should pay for a meet and greet. I don’t charge other people, and no one else I knows does either. In the meet and greet you can specify sessions, price, and deliverables IF you decide to continue on the relationship.

I also don’t think it’s fair to pay for shoddy work. I’ll give you opportunities to make it right, but if you’re so incompetent you STILL can’t get it right after multiple attempts, I should not have to pay.

I’ve left them a voicemail message to try and make this right AGAIN, but we’ll see what happens. I’ll post an update when all this is resolved. Hopefully they can make *something* out of all this mess. But I will never deal with them again. They’ve lost my trust.

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