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Spike Greenly
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My company and I used Natalie for 4 years [protected]) to do our tax preparation work. The first year she was ok and willing to help out whenever she could. After the first year it seems she ended up getting too many clients and was more difficult to get a hold. As an example, I once had a law suit tax question. She told me she would get back to me, but never did for months. When it was tax time, she didn’t even remember that she told me she would get back to me. Also one time when I was buying a house I needed her help to assist me with a problem, she said she couldn’t do it even though it was something extremely simple. It was so simple, I ended up using my bookkeeper to do it and they did it for me no questions asked.

Even with these problems, I gave her a chance to keep working for my company because she is a fellow Aggie. However, the last straw came when I didn’t hear from her this year about my taxes. I emailed her to find out if she had filed an extension for my business taxes. She told me that she quit working for us last summer because she got pregnant and wanted to spend time with her baby. Supposedly (which I never received) she sent my tax returns in the mail and sent me a letter via mail too.

So it turns out she sent my 4 years worth of taxes to the wrong address without my consent, because I never got them at my address. She basically ended up giving mine and my company’s private information out to someone else and I have no clue who. Basically because of her idiocy, I now have to watch my credit report to make sure I don’t become a victim of fraud. She was so unprofessional, she didn’t even follow up to see if we had gotten the supposed mailed tax returns or her notice. During the course of our business relationship, she used to send out emails to communicate about EVERYTHING every year, but last year she magically forgot to send an email out informing me that she was not going to be working with us any longer.

The result, I got a pretty callous email reply back from her today stating she could care less about what happened to me or my company. She already “mailed” us the returns and sent out a notice. Now I am left scrambling to find a CPA and I owe 185 dollar late fee to the IRS for not having filed a business extention on time because I thought Natalie would do it.

In conclusion, I would not recommend anyone use Natalie because of her callous nature (she really doesn’t care about you or your business) and lax business attitude. She really can and most likely will leave you hanging when push comes to shove. I don’t know about her personal relationships, but stay as far away as I can in regards to a business relationship.

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