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DO NOT GO Jimmy’s 808 Tax !! Best advice do not come here!! This is my first year filing with 808 tax and the only reason why I came here is because my husband has been coming here. He insisted we go see his tax guy which didn’t happen. Someone else filed for us. I was not present during this time when my husband decided to be a walk in. After a 4hour wait he got it done and a few days later I looked over our taxes and realized they had put my birth date as my 5yr old daughters birth date. And my birthday year was in putted wrong. My birthdate year they entered was 86 and my daughters birthdate as 89 .

That means I had her at age 3! Stupid!! I did not receive a child tax credit for her. SO I had called and told them about what had happened and the said they will fix it which they “said” they did. Apparently they didn’t because the wrong amount was pending on the irs.gov website . I had called IRS to see if they could see the amended amount. They said no that the tax people need to send it through mail because the first one was sent electronically.

Anything amended needs to be sent through mail. 808 told me they fixed it which was incorrect. So I go down to sign the amended form and they tell me next time I have two days to check and make sure everything is correct before they submit it. Another words it’s not their fault. First of all tuna how could my child be 28 and I be 31? That was your guys error.

Secondly I was not present which it would have been my husbands fault for not looking it over yes and for also picking you stupids for filing our taxes. This is federal paper work. Get with it our get a new job! Also the lady told me I can mail it. Mmm no you guys finish your job and you guys mail it because it was your mistake and we didn’t pay you guys for nothing. So bottom line find smarter people to do you taxes. Don’t go to them unless your desperate.

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