The Sherwin-Williams Company, Oviedo Store

    Oviedo, FL, United States

Visiting the Oviedo Sherwin Williams store was the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had in my entire shopping life! I simply wanted minimal assistance in selecting which paint product best suited my needs for painting my family’s new home. There were different prices and textures and after a few minutes trying to understand the differences in the products I expressed frustration by joking, “Maybe I should have gone to Home Depot.” In response, the extremely rude employee at the counter said, “You should have gone to Home Depot! ! ‘m not selling you paint today!” He actually refused to sell me paint, so I told him that the Corporate Headquarters would be very unhappy with the way he was treating me and I sat at the table and dialed the Sherwin-Williams 800 number on my cell phone. While I was waiting for assistance on the phone, the same employee who refused to sell me paint called the local police who then came to the store and informed me that I had to leave and not come back. All I wanted was to buy some paint sample quarts in the correct texture, but that employee decided he didn’t like something about me (maybe my coloring/pigmentation?) When he refused to sell me paint, he did not tell me to leave his store, or I certainly would have left. He also did not inform me that he was calling the police! I have never been a criminal and I do not deserve to be treated like one by some teenaged employee who doesn’t know how to help an older lady buy paint for her home. The Store Manager (Maria) was pleasant to me a few days before when I bought my ceiling paint, but then she never even listened to my side of what happened after I waited in the parking lot next door for almost an hour for her to arrive to speak with me. A little searching on the internet shows they have quite a turnaround at that store. Maybe they should hire polite employees who actually sell paint to people who want to buy it. Boycott Sherwin Williams!!! AGAIN!!!

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