Zening Wholistic

First impressions go along way and I should have known Zening Wholistic was something very odd about trying to call a business 5 different times in one day and only getting a voice mail. When I finally decided to leave a message I received a call back from a man on what sounded to be a cell phone who seemed a little lost with the call. He didn’t say who he was or where he was calling from, instead it was more of a “hi, you left message?”

I first asked him if he was from the massage place and he said “yeah” then I asked if he had same day appointments which to he also answered “yeah”. I explained that I would like to go in after work and he said fine, that I would need to provide him with a credit card number. I told him that wasn’t necessary because I would be using a Groupon that I purchased for this service.

He went on to explain that if I didn’t give him a credit card number that he could not confirm if there was an appointment for me after all. I said to him “you just told me that there was an appointment” but he said he needed credit card for cancellation purposes. I told him that I didn’t have a credit card on me but that I could bring it with me on my way in. He said that I could do that but that if someone else walked in before I did wanting that same time slot that he would take them over me.

From there he went on to tell me to bring cash. Again I reminded him that I would not being buying the service since I would be using a Groupon. He said it would be for gratuity and that it was suggested to tip 20%. I could understand the request for cash for gratuity but the amount of gratuity was a bit tasteless to ask for. I always tip 20% and even more on good service so I do not appreciate being asked to tip 20% without even having received a service. One last thing…. when I had requested a female masseuse he said that it would most likely be him so that’s when I said never mind and called Groupon to do an investigation on this.

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