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I used Revitalift Day and had a severe allergic reaction. I had to go to hospital. I complained to L’Oreal Paris in London and they paid for examination by a dermatologist, he upheld my complaint, but they refused compensation and said “case closed”! So much for Revitalift Day the MANY wrinkle cream!
Details:”I had a serious facial allergic reaction after using the widely advertised product L’Oreal Revitalift Day “KY 157” in 2010.
I was disabled by this for one week and uncomfortable for a further week.
I went to Waterford Hospital and was treated. I consulted my GP and he was horrified. He sent me to see a consultant Dermatologist who examined me and later carried out about 48 patch tests. He described the allergy to Revitalift as a serious reaction to it. The patches had to be worn for several days and were uncomfortable and made sleeping difficult.
I claimed 504 hours in total of discomfort due to revitalift from L’Oreal in 2010. I find their extensive advertising very misleading and there is no warning on the jar. L’Oreal paid for the consultations I have mentioned.
L’Oreal stated “we do not pay compensation, see your solicitor” !!!
This complaint has been going on for nearly 9 months without satisfactory

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