Glow Medispa

I just moved to West Seattle and tried to book an appointment online with Glow MediSpa. The online appointment app required my credit card and wished to charge me to make that first appointment. Given that I’ve never been to the office and never met the staff, I decided to call the office instead of booking online.

The staff member was professional but, at the end, she insisted she take a credit card number in order to reserve the appointment as she was concerned about a no-show. Aside from shoving me into the “she won’t show up” delinquent box, I explained that I understand their policy but as a new client with no recommendation or prior knowledge of the office, I am uncomfortable giving her my credit card. Everyone should practice safekeeping of their data – this coming from someone who has her credit card numbers stolen twice a year and involved in 6 data breaches in the last 3 years.

I think it’s a good idea to start the relationship by meeting each other and determining 1) you want me as a client, and 2) I want to give you my money. It’s a shame, I didn’t even get the chance to meet the staff and see the office due to a strange policy that starts said relationship by assuming I’m at worse a delinquent, at best, unable to keep time. Either way, I’ll give my hard earned money to another practice. Let’s get started on the right foot people.

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