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I went in for a less expensive multi-treatment Viora Reacton . Dr. Jodie instead promised great results from DOT laser. It cost me $1800. Pain and blood-redness from DOT was horrid. Destroyed my social life. Even after 9 weeks of square-pattern face redness, my skin looked much worse AFTER DOT, with more wrinkling around the mouth. It’s been emotionally devastating.

Though Cosmedic advertises DOT as “look 5 years younger”, there is no study showing DOT laser can make one look younger. It appears a sales pitch exclusive to Cosmedic to get big money for a procedure that lasts less than 20 minutes, and severely burns the skin, so it FEELS like it should be worth it. (If Cosmedic got $1800-2000 for the 375 treatments they’ve done, thats about $700,000 incentive to promote it)

Dr. Jodie, upon seeing my skin, told me my skin must not produce much collagen. I left in tears. Heard nothing from Cosmedic till . I filed a complaint weeks ago with the Better Business Bureau, and Cosmedic has yet to reply. I’m sure Dr. Jodie does injectables just fine. But read all the overwhelming negative reviews on DOT for skin tightening (DOT is for scars and sun spots). Don’t fall for a fantasy that only caused me nightmares

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