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Just had a terrible experience with Customer Service at Working Advantage. Spoke first to Joe who just wanted to argue with me the whole time. Then I asked to speak to his supervisor…don’t recall her name. She was even worse! BOTH of them kept talking over me the whole time like they didn’t want to hear what I had to say. I kept asking her, “were you never taught to not talk over the customer?” and she’d either sit there belligerently silent or change the subject. She kept telling me not to yell at her…even though I wasn’t yelling…at that point. When she kept talking over me I finally raised my voice and she hung up. They have NO IDEA what customer SERVICE means or should stand for. I called back and asked to speak to someone in charge to report them and the gal hesitated and said that all she could do was put me through to a voice mail. So I left a long message…we’ll see if it does anything. I’m sure she’ll (Jen Kibbe) will just call back with superficial apologies and no intention of anything else.

For the record, the current “25% extra off sale prices” for Levi’s has stipulations that they don’t list on the working advantage page. Their argument is that you have to read Levi’s terms that you can click on from the main Levi page. BUT, that discount is available to the world. One would think clicking in from the Working Advantage page, would give you something that the rest of the world isn’t privy to…otherwise, what’s the point?! The second offer on the W.A. page is for free shipping and includes an asterisk which shows that there are other stipulations in order to receive that discount. The first one has no such asterisk. It’s false advertising.

Now I’m wondering if they didn’t put me through to the voicemail of the person that hung up on me. I guess I’m going to have to write a letter to the president of the company, Ron Richmond.

After posting the above on Facebook on their page, someone there deleted it, trying to cover it up. So now I’m going to post this everywhere. I would have just left it on Facebook, but now I’m not.

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