I use to love going to wawa to get my sandwhiches until the night on christmas, Dec. 25th, 2010. I order two sandwhiches and my ticket # was 64, paid the cashier and waited at the sandwhich counter for my food. There was a man working their alone making sandwhiches and did not put the ones he finished making on the counter where people can pick it up. Not until an old lady came in from her break and picked up a few sandwhiches (5-6 sandwhiches and put them on the counter) calling out the order numbers. There were a lot of people waiting and had order hot sandwhiches, a customer looked at me with a confused and fustrated look on her face. she asked me why wouldn’t he called out the order number when he’s done making them, instead let the hot sandwhiches get cold. I just gave her a confused look myself because I didn’t understand why there were order numbers higher than my order (#64) that were made and I didn’t get my order. I strongely doubt a big franchise like wawa would invest in a system that would just post random order #s and not in a chronological order in the system. I was fed up, asked the lady why my sandwhiches wasn’t made and there were orders like #68, 70, 71, 72 were already made. She said, she’s just following the system, a lot of customer was complaining all night because of this mixed up. Yet she still continued to called out numbers that were obviously orders that were made after me. I was really fustrated at this point, she just brush me off and did not bother to have any common sense that I was waiting for a long time and she clearly state that there were something wrong with the system but yet didn’t bother to tell me when my order was next . I told the manager that I wanted my money back and that it doesn’t make any sense that I’ve made my order which state on the receipt order #64, and orders beyond that number were made. I would never go to this wawa location ever again, nor would I drive anyone who wants a coffee or anything else there. The service is rediculous, their employess have no common sense!

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