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I used TravelerHelpDesk, because my husband used it and saved money on a ticket off published internet fares. Well the (offshore phone bank non-native speaking difficult-to-understand) employee saved me money from the fares I could find that night, but booked a ticket for a night later than I wanted to travel, a mistake I didn’t notice because he read me days in numbers rather than days of the week, and I was booking late at night while tired, a mistake. When I noticed the mistake, however, and called back, the employee insisted that that the mistake was mine–as if I would have deliberately booked a flight for a day AFTER the event I wanted to attend, while booking my hotel and car rental on the correct date. Then he informed me that it would cost me so much to change the original ticket (more than $400 on top of the $397 i had paid) that I should just throw out the original ticket and book another one through him for the bargain price of $530, while meanwhile the internet was showing round trips for $410. I called the airline directly, who agreed I couldn’t rebook for the night I wanted at a price that made sense, but who also t old me that the actual face value of the ticket in their system was $110 LESS than I paid TravelHelpDesk for it. What a complete screw up. So, I am arriving a day late, losing $175 on a hotel room and car rental, and I will NEVER EVER use this b******t service again. Buyer beware.

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