Top Shelf Marketing

This companies uses hi pressure unethical sales methods to *** you into paying thousands of dollars of Social Media marketing gimmicks. They verbally promised that with-in 3 months of signing a contract with them I would see a significant increase in traffic to my web site and increase of sales.

After 6 month I received zero “0” traffic to my site and therefore “0” income for which I have now been forced to look at bankruptcy do to the fact “0” incomes means “0” money to pay my CC charges in the thousands of dollars created by Top Shelf e-Commerce “*** artist”. Yes, I made the mistake of signing or initialing there contract with the intent I could cancel with-in 3 days if I didn’t agree. To my demise “3” days is nowhere enough time to review the contract especially if you intend to run it by your attorney. For which I adamantly recommend.

When they send it to you to sign first print off a copy, do not sign or initial, and take it to an attorney to go over with you. The attorney fee is minor to the money Top Shelf and many other marketing cons artist will rob you of. Were talking thousands of dollars. There contracts are a boiler plate document that contains a list of there social media and internet marketing gimmicks that do not provide any return on your so called investment.

They check the box for the gimmick you purchased and the other 9 pages are legal mumble jumble on how you will never get your money back. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company or any of there affiliates as if it were the black plague.

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