Thomas Didymuz Toh

Old sissy bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh shares about her fun filled trip to Bangkok over the CNY period:

Last day of cny holidays in Thailand!
what an exciting time it has been!
Busy sucking on many hard Thai banana since CNY eve.

let me just do some sharing here with fellow sisters!
made my way to Bangkok on CNY eve Monday after doing my waxing in Pattaya.
cheaper doing waxing in Pattaya.
reached Bangkok in the evening, checked in at my favourite Malaysia Hotel.
good service! The reception and bell hop staff still recognise me from past visits.
felt treated like a queen.
Went to Jupiter 2018 at night.
it was very crowded, many Chinese people around.
the year of the pig must come early as many Asian chubby tubbies were around looking for their potential CNY radishes.
watched the show and there was this twinkish guy kept looking at me.
Asked him more about himself,
and he replied in some English that he was 24 year old this year (same age as me) and from Phuket.
he kept looking at me seductively and teasing my smooth legs. Ask him if he wanted a drink and he said no, he just wanted to go back with me, as he really likes me.
I was really flattered and told him that if he had no one to off him the day, he could go back with me after the bar closes.
true enough after the cny countdown in the bar, he left for the hotel with me.
Nan (the boy’s name) was hungry,
so we had a quick bite at the cafe at Malaysia Hotel.

back in the room, Nan was very eager to strip off all his clothes, he kept planting kisses on my skin while complimenting me that I was very fair and smooth!
we headed to shower together and found ourselves in bed!

He took the opportunity to immediately mount me in bed and pumped my hole rapidly in a steady pace. I could not take it, as his hands and tongue reached for my nipples. Felt so blissful to getting my
first CNY [censored], especially lucky to find someone that was born in the year of the pig too! I was literally sweating like a pig after getting [censored]ed by big porky penis!
he blew his whole load of sticky rice cream on my face, nourishing my face!
What an exciting first day of CNY!

the next morning, Tuesday, Nan woke up early and said he had to go, and would like to meet up again on Wednesday night as he has to meet his sister who arrived in Bangkok. No mention of money, as he bade me farewell with his traditional wai after exchanging Line contact. I did not want to break his heart by telling him that I would be leaving on Wednesday evening too. This is really the first time a bar boy had come to my place and not asked for money.
spent the Tuesday noon at Sauna Mania sucking on many big Thai cocks, many shot their loads on my face.
suddenly someone took me by force and started to penetrate my hole, he must have been very big as it felt very pain and he did not lube up. While he pumped into my hole, I couldn’t help it but moaned in pleasure and someone stuffed a hard cock into my mouth almost gagging me, more hands were over my body, teasing my sensitive nipples, occasionally pinching them. The combination of all the actions were really making me weak in the knees, and the guy in my hole took the oppportunity to pump so hard and released his warm liquid into my hole.
after that session, realised that my hole was bleeding, as the top was too rough. The pain made it quite uncomfortable to walk back to my hotel.
so I took a motorcycle back.
hopefully I don’t have to take such a long walk to my departure gate at the airport later.

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