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I have now had several comments deleted (comments which by any standard have been quite tame although passionate and that speak to truth – especially when compared to the amount of vitrol, lies, hate, racism, trolling, idiotic commentary etc that has been allowed to remain without censure) which is really making me angry and re-think ever coming back to this site. This used to be one of my favourite websites but I now find that the moderators are making a mockery of the comments section. They allow all sorts of trolls to spew their garbage all day long and yet when I make (what I feel) is an articulate comment/response that is relevant to the discussion and based on facts, I’ve had them deleted. If the moderators can’t be consistent and fair then I suggest replacing them with ones that are. Otherwise I can guarantee your readership will decline (and I will certainly find a new site to contribute to and read) due to the frustration involved in trying to participate in civil dialogue and honest discourse.

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