Speedway Gas Station

Visited this location Monday, January 28, 2019 just at approximately 3:45pm. There were two cashiers present behind the glass/counter – one of which had just come in from outside (red braids). The other female cashier was behind the counter on her phone. The store was a MESS!!! Sopping wet floor from the snow. Hardly any coffee at all available and if it were, it was the bottom of the pot and smelled burned. The pop and coffee area were disheveled and an outright mess.

The cashier on the register that I patronized (medium complexion, medium length, dark hair) was utilizing her cell phone. I’d asked if there was fresh coffee “whatever is out there” was what she responded. I’d pointed to my truck just outside of her window and requested $20 of gas on that pump. She RUDELY responded “That don’t help me. You gone have to get the number yoself.” My response was, “That’s okay. I’ll go to another gas station.”

Her attitude was terrible. She seemed interrupted from her phone when I approached the window. The store was a MESS! No fresh coffee and the wet carpet and floor were a hazard. There were two cashiers there at the time, so I’m not understanding why the store was in such a condition even if it had snowed that day. And the customer service was terrible. I will not be patronizing this store any longer… this is not the first time I had this kind of experience at this Speedway location. There are 4 other gas stations in the same stretch of road as this Speedway. I will be patronizing those.

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