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Two times I have had the batteries stolen from my trailer which is stored here.  Of course their security cameras showed nothing.  The second time this happened I went to check my trailer and noticed the battery cables had been cut so I went to the office to talk to someone and no one was there.  However the walk in gate was wide open allowing anyone to walk into the place and do whatever they wanted.  The so called manager had left the property to run errands and it is their policy to leave the walk in gate WIDE open during business hours even when there is no one in the office to monitor who comes and goes.  Now mind you this place requires a code to drive in and out.  Has chain link fence around the entire property with barbwire on top of it and security cameras giving it the appearance of some type of security.  It is not secure in anyway shape of form if they leave the gate open and no one there to monitor it. It has cost me over $200 this time to replace the batteries and repair the damage. When I complained to the so called district manager I asked for a few months free rent to cover my loss which is reasonable right?  Oh she was going to give me a whole %15 off my next months rent.  See you in court was my only response.

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