Sherif Zaki Salon & Oasis Spa

]I went for a first appointment with a girl, and on the phone Sherif Zaki Salon & Oasis Spa asked me all kinds of questions about my kind of hair ( just wavy/curly shoulder length) so I was confident I would have someone who could manage my thick hair. When I arrived they told me the stylist had left early so I was thrown with this random girl who did NOT know what she was doing.

I showed her 3 clear pictures of what I wanted, just an inch or two shorter than what I had with layers. No big deal. From the get go she looked totally lost with my head. She started cutting HUGE chunks from my hair, and thinking that was just part of a layer, she proceeded to absolutely BUTCHER my hair.

The other stylists were obviously looking at her like “what the heck are you DOING!!” I couldn’t say anything I was fighting back my tears. I have less than an inch of hair on the back of my head now, completely choppy and left a ton of poof on the sides. I told her at the end it was too short, and she just said “oh it’ll grow back and fill in in a couple months”. WHAT!?!? I have been balling my eyes out all night. I will never recommend this to anybody

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