I used to be a regular customer whenever I wanted a great precise cut and professional color I would come here until recently. I went to there on June 2nd to get my hair platinum blonde or a light blonde. My hair was already a dirty blonde but my roots started turning a dark brown and I had medium length hair and asian. I was scheduled for a 10:30 and found out I was only booked for a single process color. The girl should have been more inquisitive about needs. I talked about cut and color I wanted. I was asked if I wanted my hair that morning and I did. She said because it may sting a lil’. I wish I was told that at the time of my booking. I went to Jen who I’ve been to before. She had Ritchie help her. She bleached the top half waited for about 30 min then she added more bleach to the entire head. I sat for prob another 20 to 30 min. I got washed and then went for cut by Terri. Jen said don’t be shocked by the color. It came out then she told me in the beginning that color at roots may turn orange but instead a bright yellow like the original color. After my cut I then waited in the back til Jen finished up w her client that she was doing foils on. Wait was about another 30-45 min or so. Then she put more bleach in for what was supposed to another 30 min in but was more like 40 min. It was burning but I tolerated because I was determined to get that yellow corrected. She explained to me how it’s common to sting and how she was blonde before and she said to herself pain is beauty. I said the same thing. I then got washed out and as I was washed out my head was very tender and hot. I asked to wash me w cold water and she did. After shampoo a PH balancer placed in my hair for another 10 min. I got that washed out and sat for another 30-45 min waiting for her. She blew dried my hair and then had a toner put in for 20 min. At this point my head was on fire but I was determined to make sure that yellow was gone and pain is beauty right. I was washed out again by a different person and at this point my head was really in excruciating pain I was shaking a little. Again cold water and gentle touching was key. After towel dried I went to stylist for final cut and touches. As she brushed or combed my hair she asked if too hard like she knew it would be tender or something was wrong. She blew dried my hair til it was over dried out and started to look like a helmet. As she was blow drying and brushing I felt something was wrong the way she kept brushing my hair lifting it up as looking for something. I suggested she flat iron my hair. She did and final look came out great. I left out at 4:00 or 4:15 to catch a movie w friends. Then we went to dinner abt 7:30 I felt the back of head and side by my ear I noticed some scabbing. I went home and analyzed my whole head and these scabs were all over and wet like at the top. I paged the on call for pcp’s office. They suggested going to er. I went to my local ER and they diagnosed me with impetigo. A strain of staph or strep infection. The pictures the nurse and my daughter took showed my pores/follicles were jet black and I had red circular patches and lots of hard yellow crustiness pus like. The process to care for this is crazy. I had to take antibiotics, missed a day of work because it is contagious and wanted to be sure I had a full 24-48 hours of antibiotics. I had to change my sheets and towels and clothes everyday. Wash in hot water. Wrap head in scarf when sleeping. Use Jason’s Tea Tree shampoo and 95% aloe vera gel the healing has been a long process and still have some mild scabbing and maybe some scar tissue. On Tuesday morning I called them because on they were closed for weekend as I was there on a Saturday. I was concerned about what happened to me and using same brush or comb on other clients. I Spoke w Jo the assistant mgr. Who said she will tell her immediate supervisor Thalia and I will get a call back from her later today. I did not receive a call back from her til about 2:30. She said she will call me back after investigating and she never did. I explained that I did not want people to lose their jobs just to make people aware of things that can happen. I called on Friday to follow up & get resolution. She said that she interviewed and no one saw anything. Of course !!! She didn’t sound concerned or didn’t sound like she knew what to do. I was upset and told her she didn’t even give me an apology or seem to care. She apologized only because I mentioned it. She asked if I wanted a refund. I said yes. She said she had to run it by corporate by writing up a slip and I should receive an email from corporate. I never did. I asked her to send me an email as proof that she did this. She just emailed me a one line statement her request of a partial refund of $200 not the whole $315 or $320 I spent not including the the tips I gave. It’s been way over a month and no refund. I emailed corporate twice no response but I think it may have been only for consumer products. I went to another stylist recently and a dermatologist who both said i had been burned or had a chemical reaction and lost small patches of hair. I’m very disappointed in this reputable salon.

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