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Sanctuary Spa is probably the only place I’ll ever spent $21 to get whybrows. These were literally the worst eyebrows I’ve ever had, and probably the worst I’ll ever have again. Even the girl who did them said I could probably fix them by putting eyeshadow where the brow should have been. They’re also the only brows I’ve ever cried over. Literally, legitimately cried for a few hours until I worked up the courage to fix them, because I couldn’t possibly show my face in public with them unless I wanted to end up in a fail compilation for the rest of my life. Looking at them in the mirror to fix them was almost impossible – I was that upset.

The girl at the front desk was nice, at least. She asked if there was anything she could do to make it better. The hair was already off, and if she thought the other girl (who had botched the job in the first place) was better at waxing than herself, I wasn’t letting either anywhere near my face. The damage had already been done. What could they possibly do to fix it that wouldn’t make it worse? I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

I spent about an hour of trying to fix the multiple mistakes in shaping, height, patches of hair left behind, and unfinished edges, and they finally look like adopted stepsisters – you can tell they’re not related, but they’re trying to dress alike. That’s the best I could possibly hope for after this event.

I never thought I would ever call a salon visit traumatic, but here we are. What’s worse is that I have an interview in 36 hours, and that was why I went there in the first place. I still have all the stresses of preparing for an interview, but now I also get to worry about my eyebrows until they can grow back in.

At this point, I’ve seriously considered shaving them off entirely and overnighting those eyebrows for alopecia/cancer patients, but I couldn’t find any online stores with same-day shipping, and I’m not sure where to buy them locally. Obviously never going back, just want to warn others before they make the same mistake and come here. Hoping to save as many brows as possible.

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