Red lobster in Wauwatosa , Wisconsin

    Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, WI, United States

On Jan. 11, 2019 my son placed an order for 2 cheddar biscuits -12…1 order of stuffed mushrooms and lobster Mac n cheese.
First of all red lobster is located in Wauwatosa Wisconsin and I live in Glendale Wisconsin which is about a 30 min drive.
My son picked it up and the order was all wrong ., he didn’t think he had to check. We go the biscuits but the lobster Mac n cheese was $25.00 and it was about a cup of that. Who pays that money for cup of eve lobster macaroni.
Instead of the stuffed mushrooms we were given lobster chips and dip and a salad.
Meanwhile before writing this I was on the phone wanting to speak to a manager waiting 15min before I hung up and called back again.
So I call back and the young lady said she had to the manager I was on the phone no one ever can she said they were busy so I told her I understand that but I’m a paying customer and wanted to speak to a manager and if no ones going to come to the could she please come back and let me know. Well I’m still on the phone and it’s been 33 min and no one has yet to come to the phone and my son comes in the room said ma just hang up the phone yet I’m still holding on. Now it’s 35 min still no answer. I don’t know who’s the manager at this time but this very very unprofessional to the fullest extent.Busy ok but my call would have jut taken a few moment. 40 min till holding on no one answered yet. I would like to be contacted regarding this matter my nam is Delorise Martin I can be reached at414-758-8480. Thank you and still holding 50 min later I don’t think their going to ever answer the phone. SAD SAD SAD…Is this what customer service is like, I’ve never experienced this before…I’m SICK . I’m looking forward to speaking to some one regarding this issue…To you have a good weekend

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