Ramada belize city

So we just left the Ramada Belize City…unfortunately this was the poorest quality of service and facilities our group had ever witnessed… collectively we all agreed upon that. And personally I have never stayed at such a place ..when I expected more. You know when you book a hotel-motel what you are getting. When I travel I usually stay at Ramadas as a rule so this was such a shock.
We left our paradise island off the Belize coast a day early to spend a night in your Belize City hotel prior to departing for home after 2 weeks travelling Belize and Guatemala.

The choice of hotels was made as the website showed a myriad of amenities..theatre, bowling lane, close to the boat port, gym and most especially the swimming pool and all that brings. We wanted a beautiful day and night of luxury around a pool before heading back to Canada.

When we arrived we checked into the room…was not completely cleaned, bed was not made, so we called downstairs. The front desk sent a porter with keys for a new room. Then he walked away…did not take us to the new room or help with luggage…just took our keys and left the new ones.
We asked at the front desk if we could get towels at the pool. Yes madam was the answer. As you can see the pool is not useable. OKAY! So she didn’t want to tell us there was no pool or just didn’t know?
Then we started to notice the complete shabbiness of the Ramada. I have attached a few pictures to give you a sense of the Ramada.

The bathtub had a complete ring of grime around it and the bathroom was disgusting.

So we carry on trying to have fun on our last night thoroughly disappointed we came for this and it is not open…Fyi there is an amazing child’s arcade in the hotel…random I know but I wanted to be honest about the good parts too. We had no kids with us.
Theater was closed. And there was a locked door where the bowling alley should be.

My friend went to the atm in the lobby to get some cash..it was denied two times (timed out)..when we got back to the room she contacted her bank and the amount was taken out 2 times from her account. So we go to the front desk to ask…one guy at the desk says…no problem with the atm …then one lady standing 2 feet from the guy says…oh no madam it doesnt work. We were advised to get a taxi to the bank and ask them.We are not doing that.
So my friend spent the morning having to Skype her bank in Canada to address the atm issue at the Ramada. When we should have been enjoying our time around the pool.oh wait..there is not a working pool so I guess that doesnt matter.
We had booked a taxi to take us to the airport today which didn’t show. Then we were told the charge to shuttle us to the airport by the Ramada was 15$ more than the taxi. Lord help us!

As you can read and see this was a bad day at the Ramada in Belize City. This hotel has diminished the Ramada name in our eyes and everyone we tell about this stay from Ramada hell. If you have a Ramada inn sign on the door and say you are a Ramada. Then ACT LIKE ONE PLEASE ..
I have pictures but they wouldn’t download.

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