Puegeot Service Centre – Cs Euro Auto Sdn. Bhd.

Thanks for your extended warranty for PLG6106 (Peugeot 408 – 1.6 Turbo) Malaysia registration number. After a lot of hassle for last few years (All the while the car being serviced at CS Euro Auto Sdn. Bhd. Taman Bayu, Butterworth, Malaysia.Tel [protected]) the new engine and other parts being fixed and the car being hand over to me on 14 October 2019. After i just drive not even 10 kilometers (with the happiness of new engine and all problems being solved) the “engine faulty repair needed” error pop . The car is under power and the rpm is very high. (All the while same problem being incurred few times and got lodge a complain.) I drive back the car to the center again. As per service personnel the car not enough fuel after fill up should be “ok”. After refill the petrol, the problem still there. Than the service personal try to do something and error being resolved. They said the problem solved. After i drive again about 30 kilometers on the way home, the same error pop up again and my car went under power again. Just imagine my trust again the car and the service personal. I call up again and they said i need to drive in again to recheck. I really do not understand what kind of services being provided by the above service center either its a car problem or the service personal is not trained enough. I told them to give me the permanent solution and until till to date i did not get any further feedback from them.

For your kind information the car PLG 6106 being registered under my wife name, S Sarala Shumugam and i am her husband Kartika Tipan Ramachandran being an authorised driver. (Since we bought the car)

I expect the permanent solutions for this car. All the while, since i bought the car so many problems and have to drive in many times to solve the matter. For your kind information, Professionally i am an accountant and lost lot of my time and money.
Every time i have to drive about 120 kilometers from my home (thru and flow).

I expect the hear from your HQ within another 7 days. I got no other choice than bring this matter to public media and bring the case to consumer tribunal as well.

I am can be contacted thru email : [protected]@gmail.com or my hand phone [protected].


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