Pick n Pay, Norwood Store

Date of incident, 7th february 2019 time 16h26
Pnp norwood, gauteng
Till slip reflects *[protected] Bar code [protected] Cashier, beauty kgabi and packer?

This is the 2nd time I have visited pnp norwood, gauteng this month, february 2019, and have left the store exceedingly disappointed by the lack of communication, and rudeness experienced by the teller and packer.
No greeting (I have had to repeat myself twice when greeting, to get a reaction) is reciprocated when dealing with either the teller or packer.

Also, having tried to assist the packer with packing the heavy items out first, she insisted on packing the heaving items onto the soft items, ie bread?

As a suggestion, please could more training be given to both parties, before putting them in line with the customer, as they have absolutely no clue, as to how to deal with a customer in a pleasant and friendly manner.
Have they not been trained to be a representative of pnp, which leaves me to feel that they are under-trained or unskilled, or totalling disinterested in dealing with the public in general?

Why would I want to return to the norwood store?

I would appreciate a response to the above,

E) angiet. [email protected]

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