Phone that I ordered does not work

A pro 4 + 32 black size 6 in phone total cost for 71 plus dollars this phone I had plugged in phone all the instructions to the T. It was plugged in for at least 5 days and did not work all it did was blink when it was plugged in never turned on it is done nothing I need to talk to somebody or at least have a email from somebody explaining to me what I must do to get this phone replaced or my money back in my bank I cannot afford $71 and have no product that works so I’m asking why can I not get some kind of an answer from this company wish dot-com I was told it would be delivered in 3 to 5 days it took over two months to receive this phone and when I received it it just did not work I have got all the parts and pieces in its box and I would like to know what I can do to get this situation resolved before I take further steps against your company that is not who I am all I want is my money back or a phone that works I can send this phone back I just hope that we can resolve this without legal issues I guess I’m just asking for away to take care of this you say you stand behind all your products guaranteed satisfaction and this is something that I have not received at this point in time so I just asked that somebody calls me Texas me emails me so that we can resolve this situation I don’t want to have to go any further than your company and me but if I have to I sure will so please call me at [protected] or email me [email protected] this is my last request for you people to get ahold of me somehow thank you

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