Pei Wei Asian Diner

Today I went to your 08.13.2017. To start off I love eating at Pei Wei to today I had the worst experience ever. I ordered my food at 5:57pm (on lunch break) at 6:15pm I asked the waitress what was taking so long she said we are way behind I get that. 6:35pm I asked to speak to a manager John B he came and I told him what was going on, he looked at my ticket to see what I and my friend order, then when to where there the food was being prepared. When the food finally came the chicken was over cooked and said to him that it was fried to hard, he said what do you want me to steam it. I said no I will make a complaint about you rudeness he replied do what you have to do and walked off. He knew that the kitchen was overwhelmed and should have walked to each table and informed the customers. he never said sorry. I was so upset I threw the food away couldn’t eat anyway. Never to return to that location

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