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I had seen ads for Optical Alternatives on TV so when I saw a Groupon for $200 off, I thought I’d give them a try. Let me just say that I’ve been wearing glasses for many, many years and have purchased glasses at a variety of places so I’m no novice. My first clue should have been when the least expensive pair of frames was $295 (not including lenses) But after looking at quite a few frames, I finally found a really unique pair and decided to just go for it.

Well once they figured out all of the numbers, my new glasses came to $795 after the $200 was deducted! I figured since I wear my glasses all of the time and I really liked the frames I would go ahead and get them. While I found the woman who assisted me was helpful with choosing the frames that’s about the only good thing that I can say about the place.

A week later when I went to pick up my new glasses, I found I was having trouble seeing street signs and even signs on the highway. So I went back for some assistance. The same woman helped me again and tried to say that she never makes a mistake, maybe my doctor made the mistake. After checking a bunch of other things and checking my vision with the new glasses and that I basically had NO vision out of my left eye, she told them that they always tell customers to try on the glasses exactly how they will wear them so that they will be measured correctly (so it was clearly my fault) and that if I wear them even one millimeter off, I would not be able to see. Also apparently my frames can go into space but I cannot use lens wipes with alcohol in them.

So finally she conceded that I was the 1 customer in a thousand that she has ever made a mistake with. They would remake my lenses but then I would have to come back in another week and sit there for about an hour while they put the new lenses in those frames. There are basically 2 co-owners and she told me not to worry because the other guy was really the scary one not her. Sorry but in a customer service job, you shouldn’t really be bragging that either of you is the “scary one”.

I could go on with more of the nightmare that this experience was but this has already become of very lengthy review. Let me just say I found the service to be pretty unprofessional and the customer service to be HORRIBLE. Not only did she not offer to take anything off of the price for this pair or any future pairs, because she had made the error, she didn’t even offer me an extra lens cleaning cloth or little bottle of cleaning spray.

Needless to say, I will NEVER EVER buy another pair of glasses there and will also do everything in my power to stop any friends or family members from going there. The ONLY way I would ever set foot in this place again would be if the glasses are faulty in anyway and I have to go back. In this case Buyer Beware is the best warning I could give!!

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