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We have been with metro for close to 12 years now… We have 2 phones on the $60 plans…in addition to our nearly $100 monthly bill, we use hotspot on our phones to watch movies and things… So that means we have to purchase additional data every month in order to do this… That can add up to another $60+ or more every month… Our plan now includes membership with amazon prime… Since I am an existing prime member, and have been for years, I have numerous services and programs connected to my account… My annual membership fees are due on the 10th of this month… So I contacted metro and requested that they make the adjustment to my existing account to reflect that metro is responsible for the annual dues and all other things about the account remain as they are… I was told to cancel my account, I explained the reason for wanting to just have to fees of membership adjusted and for everything else to remain as it has been… Their response was to state that I should pay my fees myself and then open a 2nd account… So. It is of thier opinion should pay double for it… Once annually and then again monthly through my phone payment… Now thats not the worst of metros problem…in addition to that… It has resently been robbing us of our hotspot data as well… We havent been able to access our hotspot on either of our phones… And when we contact metro, even their system states we have approx 40gbs of hotspot data available on each phone… But metro blocks our use of it… And when we speak to c.S. Rep… We are told that the system is messed up but they are fixing it… Yet they then state we have no data available… When only minutes before we had close to 80gbs between both phones available… That I must purchase additional data if I want to use my hotspot… Left with no resolution but to buy more… I had 6 more gbs added to each phone… But was too angry to enjoy a movie, I decided to wait to watch anything until today… Yet when I checked to see if they had fixed their issues and replaced my data back to the nearly 90 gbs now that should have been on our phones… Instead it states only 15 gbs (not 46) on each one and that half that data had been used over night… This is straight robbing us… There isnt any attempts to fix or resolve these issues…’ if there is no effort to replace what has been taken… Then maybe the bbb can get them motivated… This is unacceptable on every level…

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