At least 3 times, my husband or I have gone to our local Metro PCS store in Paris, Texas (on Lamar avenue), and the young lady who “manages” (?) the store has been completely useless in helping us. She either ignores you, can’t help you, or points to the phones and says there are our phones if you ask her a question about a brand or type of phone. She is rude and doesn’t seem to care one way or another if you are assisted or satisfied. We are considering changing providers due to this type of service. The latest incident occurred on 11/7/18. My husband has complained about his phone not working correctly ever since he got it nearly 2 years ago. He went in to inquire about purchasing a different brand of phone, and was told “There are the phones we have”, as the salesgirl pointed to the display. She did not offer any more information. I guess she is just there to take money when you pay.

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