McCormick Barstow

So, I’ve had this firm representing me for almost two years now. We recently parted ways and I’m breathing a sigh of relief. When I needed to talk to my lawyer, it would take me months of emails and calls to him and his staff to make it happen. On more than one occasion, by the time I finally talked to him, it was too late because the situation I needed to speak with him about had passed.
About a year and a half ago after a hearing, we were waiting to review an order that the other side was supposed to write. I called repeatedly asking if his office had received it and was always told no. I came to find out later that they had received it and two follow up letters from opposing counsel asking if we were finished reviewing it. They finally filed it without me being able to review it and I am still stuck to some of the requirements that should have been caught in review.
The last straw was today when he accused me of not paying what I said I was going to months ago (the last time I was able to talk to him.) Even after I provided him the transaction number he still refused to admit that he was mistaken.
If you are with this firm, start shopping now for a new one. If you are shopping for one now, do yourself a favor and move on. If you let this firm sell you on their services after reading this, don’t say you weren’t warned.

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