Larson Doors – Storm Door Glass Exploded

On a quiet Friday night, January 4, 2019, we heard a huge explosion on our front porch. It sounded like someone had bombed our porch and hit our beveled glass storm door. We hid in fear worrying that we had been bombed or shot at. Our dogs were shaking. Two other neighbors, one 3 doors down, told us they had heard the explosion from inside their homes. With some Google searches, we learned that some of the tempered glass in Larson doors can have defects that may produce an explosion at any given time, even 10-20 years later. The explosion damaged our fiberglass front door, bent the frame of the storm door, and knocked over a 40 pound potted plant. Glass shot out about 15-20 feet.

Our door had a “Limited Lifetime Warranty”, but two Larson reps were quick to point out it didn’t cover glass replacement, even though the defect in the glass was THEIR FAULT. They wouldn’t even cover the bent frame that held in the glass. I questioned what their Lifetime Warranty even did include and it was next to nothing. What most bothered me was that neither Rep showed any compassion whatsoever about the frightening event that took place and the massive cleanup that was required. We’re also out the cost of a replacement door. Larson’s only concern was stressing over and over that the warranty did not cover anything regarding our exploded door. One rep offered to sell me replacement glass and frame for $188 plus tax and shipping. No thanks! We will never purchase another Larson product after being treated with such rudeness and coldness and out of fear that their glass is not manufactured to proper safety standards.

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