Crestview Hills, KY, United States

Because it was closer to my home after i retired i moved all my presciptions from Walgreens to Kroger due to the 24 hr. Drive thru pharmacy pickup. It took me an entire year to get Kroger to bill Medicare and my secondary insurance correctly so that there was no co=pay after insurance paid on almost all of my Presciptions. It wasn’t long before Kroger decided they would not do 24 hr drive thru service and would close at 10:00 p.m. At night, because I was now retired I was able to adjust to this pickup timing. Then it got so every time they could Kroger would close the drive thru window and put up a sign to come into the store to get your prescriptions. Today the window was closed all day even though they kept saying they would be opened later. Gave excuse that computers were down again. It is very inconvenient for me to come into the store due to leg problems, etc which is why I moved my prescriptions to the drive through store to begin with. Tonight the girl told me on the phone that it was just to much trouble to reboot the instore computer station and the drive thru station when i ask her why they could do it in store and not drive thru, she also told me that if they could get by with it they would close the drive thru as much as possible. I called my prescriptions in two days ago, was notified by text that they are ready but I cannot get them through drive thru. If Kroger is not going to have a drive thru service that is open as advertised then they should not take customers prescription orders. When I did Walgreens 24 hr. drive thru service at Mall Road and Rt 42 in Florence, Ky. they were never once closed and they tried to get people through the drive thru as quickly as possible. At Kroger sometimes you will have to wait and wait and wait while one customer sits at the window for a long time. It seems sometimes they do this on purpose and they are often rude when helping you especially if you have to tell them that there should be no charge on a prescription they are trying to charge you $40.00 on. It is always the customer or the insurance’s fault if something goes wrong and these are prescriptions that stay the same time after time. There are some good courteous workers but personally i believe it is a management problem that carries over to employees who are just passing on their managers attitude concerning the drive thru window. If they do not want to do a pick up window then why have it and try to lure people there by having it. I have even changed my grocery to click list and like it very much due to my leg problems. They are very courteous and efficient on groceries and i appreciate tat very much and the service lanes for this click list are becoming busier and busier at my store. People must have their prescriptions when needed especially if called in within a reasonable expectation of time and if Kroger does not want to operate a drive thru pharmacy service window then they should advise people who need this service so that their prescriptions can be moved to another pharmacy and they should be as courteous as possible in aiding the transfer of all prescriptions. Thank you

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