Jack in the Box

I went to the local jack in the box like I always do (I love jack) I went thru drive thru, I ordered a supreme crossaint with no egg add letuce and tomato. When I got to the window there was a youg man and young lady, the young man kept asking the cooks if the sausage croissant was ready (I hate sausage) when it was ready the young lady handed over to me and I told her I order a supreme croisant right not a sausage she gave me a rude look and didnt answer. There was alot cars behind and I didn’t want to hold up the line. So I decided to park and check my sandwich and of course it was a sausage croissant. I got off my car went to the from told the guy I order a supreme croissant not a sausage he said what’s the difference? I told him I dont like sausage I wanted ham and bacon just like croissant has he gave it to the cook but they kept questioning what I wanted I said I want a supreme croissant just like it come but dont put egg and add letuce and tomato they seemed confuse (Like it so hard right?) I told him that I had mentioned it to the young lady but she ignored me. She then got defensive and said well maybe you should of spoken louder, I said excuse me she started being rude and I told her she should not be talking to me this way if her job is customer service she then said I can talk to you any way I want and what are you gonna do about it I said well of course file a complaint she said you think I care I stood quite did not want to cintinue the conversation she then handed over my sandwhich and told me, well you make sure you file that complaint and I said don’t worrry vanessa I will.
When I got to my car my sanwhich was still done wrong and I just threw it away after what happend I din’t trust eating it. I’m gonna try to file a complaint who knows what I will get out of it I thought it they will do anything about it. But I know for sure I will no longer be going to the santa paula jack in the box I will just have to drive to the next town.

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