Dear Sir,

Please, find attached, the history I had to endure, with Hyundai Customer Services, in South Africa.

My car is at present, with a Hyundai dealer, in Walvis Bay, for over 3-month, and noting is been don, to solve the ongoing long term problem with my car.

I find it unfair, and unethical, from Hyundai South Africa, that I now have a high repair cost, for a reoccurring problem, that they have never been able to diagnose professionally.

My self, as a Marine, and Industrial Engineer, knowing your highly implemented standards, and know how, in the Automotive, and Ship Building Industry, it is chocking to see that of all this,

notting is implemented in South Africa. Maybe one of your Engineers should be residing in South Africa on a permanent basis, to improve your services and know how towards your Service Providers.

Sorry, to get you involved in all this, but I trust, that you will take action, and make the right decision in this matter.

If possible, please confirm, the receiving of my e-mail.


Yours Faithfully.

Hilaire Breittink.

Cell: 00264 [protected].

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Hi Rowan,

Please, I need your help, and advise.

Just over two years ago, I bought a Terracan 2, 9 CRDI, by Ronald Motors in Mossel Bay. The car had 18, 000Km the clock.

The car, went to South Cape Motors in George, for its regular service, under warranty.

By around 30, 000Km the car started to have fuel injector problems, this occurred tree times when I was in Mossel Bay.

I ask them on every occasion to investigate the cause of the problem, as this is abnormal, and not just changing the damaged parts.

After the last breakdown, it was confirmed to me, that the root cause of the problem was found and the problem solved.

On this moment, I am on a project in Walvis Bay – Namibia, where the same failure occurred.

My car is on the moment with Hyundai Agent in Walwis Bay for repairs, Namib Motor World CC, tel: [protected].

Please is there no specialist from Hyundai, ho can assist to solve this problem, for once and forever.

Your urgent help, in this matter, will be highly appreciated.

Soon, I receive the work reports from George, I will forward them to you.


Hilaire Breittink.

Hi Henrei,

I still don’t agree with the unprofessional, and unethical, decision from Hyundai,

as I am having the same problem, for over one year, and 25.000KM, when the car was still under warranty, and nothing was done in a professional way to stop the problem.

Further to the problem, I still don’t know the remaining problems, with the engine, caused by the injector failures.

As you can see, this case is been handled very unprofessionally. It seems that there is no National Customer Care and sufficient Engineering know how in Hyundai SA.

I informed, the Automotive Engineering Department, in Korea. Awaiting their response.

As you can understand, looking at the past, I cannot spend every 4 months R 20.000, 00 repairs.


Hilaire Breittink.

Hi Rowan,

Thank you for your investigation report, what is in fact only a statement, facts we know already for over one year, and never a corrective action was taken.

For your information, not one injector was ever tested, as they don’t have the equipment, and no personnel to do it.

I am wondering if you know what the life span of a fuel injector should be, ore are you telling me that the Hyundai spare parts are manufactured to the lowest International Standards,

ore no Standards at all.

I strongly advise you, to get some help and assistance, from your Engineers, at your International Head Office, same as I am doing.


Hilaire Breittink.

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