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I’ve been a subscriber of Globe for more than 5 years now and never in my life had I experience such crappy customer service. Two years ago I applied for a postpaid phone plan, which by the way ends on May 1st, and I’ve had nothing but praises about the service I’m getting from Globe. The experience was consistent until I asked for a loyalty reward. I know such companies honor their customer’s tenure and will give their “valued” customers a reward for staying with the company or renewing their contract. I was the latter. I wanted to renew my contract with Globe. So I went to their customer service center in our area to check what rewards would I get from recommitting. I was asked, and I said I want to have the iPhone 4s. But because I was only paying 599 a month, the lady told me that I am not entitled for such reward. I had her check my account and told her that I am subscribed to a 599 unli call and text plan and a 999 unlisurf plan, which means I’m paying roughly 1600 a month. The lady, looking unsure of what to do with my case, referred me to call their loyalty rewards hotline. I called the number, got to talk to a rep, and the rep told me that with my contract renewal, I can get the iPhone 4S and would only have to cash out 24k (approximation). At first, I was delighted to know that I can avail of the iPhone promo. When I got to the office I discussed it with my friends and I realized that what I’m being offered is just the same offer that they’re giving their new customers. I called back and explained what I just realized. This rep that I talked too wanted to help and tried providing me options. But when I discussed the iPhone package, he told me that an existing customer and a new customer are entitled for the same promotion and will be governed by the same terms. Which means an existing customer, who’s renewing his contract, gets treated the same way a new customer is. He gave me other options but when I checked the options that he gave me, all of it were the same promos being offered to new customers. My questions was simple: “How differently do you treat your customers who’s been with you for years vs. your new (potential) customers?” Honestly speaking, I never felt valued by Globe during that conversation. The rep, with his hands bound by the policies and guidelines of the company, then concluded the call by assuring me that he will escalate the issue and that I’ll get a call from Globe by the 23rd of April. Guess what, it’s already the 25th and I still need to wait for that call. Talk about sense of urgency and value for customers.

On the same week, I was looking into applying for a broadband connection because I don’t want to keep using my phone for internet browsing. I checked with the Globe customer service center near my place and I was told that I can apply for an additional line. But for them to process the application, I’ll need to submit a proof of financial income where it shows I’m getting a monthly gross income of atleast 18k. I thought it was easy. I went back the next day with my 1 month’s payslip, my ITR, and my CC billing statements and submitted all requirements to the lady who assisted me. Then she said they can’t accept my payslip and that if I want to apply for an additional plan under my name, then I will need to have a CC that has a minimum credit limit of 100k!!! Such absurdity. I had to explain with this lady that I am just downgrading my phone subscription and applying a broadband connection and I’ll be paying the same amount that I am paying every month. She then understood, went inside, and came back after 15 minutes. She then had me sign a couple of documents and advised me that I’ll be contacted by the 25th of April by Globe. I’ve been waiting the entire morning and never heard from anyone. After work, I went to the service center to make a follow-up and it took me 20mins before the lady that I talked to before assisted me. She told me I’ll have to wait for my postpaid plan subscription’s contract to end before I can get the broadband connection. This doesn’t really make sense. So I have to wait until May 1 before they process my broadband subscription. She added that if I would want to apply right away, then I’ll need to give them a card statement under my name where it shows that my credit limit is 40k!!! This is really crap. It’s as if she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Being the non-confrontational person that I am, I left the center and went straight home.

I got home, checked the Globe website online, and tried to find a way on how to apply for a broadband connection. I called Globe customer service and I was redirected to their sales department. First I asked the lady on the other line the requirements that I’ll need to submit if I’ll add a broadband service to my existing Globe account. She said I just need to submit a photocopy of my ID, proof of financial income that I am getting a monthly gross income of 12k and that’s it. I was surprised to know the 12k because I was expecting like 50k or 60k. I clarified with her and shared my experience with the service center and she said it should only be 12k. So I decided to drop my application in the service center and apply with this lady over the phone. She was very accommodating and she assured me that everything’s been taken care of. I am hoping that at least this lady that I talked to did her job right.

Remember the call that I was expecting on the 23rd? After my discussion with the sales rep, I contacted loyalty rewards department and made a follow-up on the case and the call that I should have received on the 23rd. The rep that I talked to said that my concern hasn’t been attended to. Now talk about broken promises and no sense urgency. She read the notations on the reference number I provided and still tried to talk me out of it. She asked me what do I want from Globe. I told her I don’t want to name my price. What I want Globe to do is to show me how much they value me by giving me what they think I deserve. If they think I’m worth at least a month’s worth of service, then I’ll be fine with 1 month free service. Globe doesn’t know how to value their customers. They don’t know what real customer service is. The people working for them, or at least the people I’ve talked to, don’t know their product, don’t know how to deal with their customers, and most specially don’t care about us.

I am one frustrated customer. With the last call I made, I was given a reference number and was told that I’ll get a call within 24-48 hours. I hope they keep their promise and resolve my concerns. I am not asking for too much. I just want to be valued by the company like the rest of their dissatisfied customers. I’ll be waiting for their call and if I don’t get to hear from them, I’ll make my final call to this company and end any relationship that was established.

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