Good Afternoon,

this is the second time that I have tried a subscription with Gaia.

the first time was disappointing and I was not able to access so I cancelled and got refund and I asked if I wanted to try again would I be able to do so and they said yes.

Now for three days I have been trying to use you Gaia App on my cell phone and it constantly stops at various times during whatever show I am trying to watch and says there is an error with my device and won’t continue to play and when you come out and go back in or even restart your device to make sure you are not doing something wrong, the system makes the whole show start all over again and I have to scan thru to get back to where I was in the show only to get thrown out.

Now I paid $.99 to have access thru the end of the year and to potentially renew it in January.

But let me say this, if this does not stop and I am not able to access an app that I pay for to watch shows that I want to see without constantly being thrown out and having to start all over.

This is not cool and I need it to be fixed immediately of I will have to cancel instead of renew in January.

Please understand that there are plenty of apps and places that I can watch Conscious Media and most places are free and none of which I have problems accessing on my device including curiosity stream and you tube.

Please address this issue ASAP

Signed a very unhappy customer,

Rochelle Kauffman


User Id 5483376

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