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I was scheduled to leave at 7:00am out of LA to Las Vegas NV Monday the 26th. I waited for 3 hrs in an unsafe area with my 3 yr old, calling flixbus customer service trying to find out where the bus was. They kept telling me they can’t get a hold of the driver & they would send a text message updating of when the bus will arrive. It took them 3 hrs to finally send the message & cancelled my trip. They were kind enough to re-schedule me for Tuesday the 27th at 12:20 am. I have taken your bus many times & am baffled they have a bus driver representing their company. She has absolutely no Customer service skills; with that attitude & anger issues, she shouldn’t be working with the public. That was the horrible traumatic bus ride ever in my life & I had my 3 yr old son with me. Regardless of what was being said to her, she should never talk to people the way she did. Also shouldn’t bus drivers no what areas to stop off at that time for a break? We drove to 3 different spots, she said 10 min but we left in less than 10 & she left a passenger in the middle of the night, in the middle of no where. I would think their was a courtesy window, the was already walking to the bus when they took off & was chasing the bus. If she had practiced better ethics in dealing with the situation, all that drama & delay could have been avoided. In the end someone got left behind & a mother with 2 kids less than 3 (one being a small baby) left in the middle of no where because she was upset at the drivers actions. I’m sorry I feel this needed to be addressed, all that was unnecessary. They should consider hiring better quality people to represent their company.

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