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I ordered a light bar on 12/19/18. My order confirmation stated that the item would be shipped within 3-5 business days. My credit card was charged immediately.
10 days later I did not receive my item, nor did I hear anything from customer service about an updated shipping date. I tried to contact the company and finally spoke to a representative. The person on the phone was very rude and lectured me that the item was on backorder and will be shipped “soon”.
On 01/03/19 I tried to contact the company again for an update as I have not received the item or updated information yet. I could not get a hold of somebody via phone or chat, so I sent an email.
I received a response two days later that the item is in customs and is expected to be released “soon”. Until today I have not received the shipment nor an update. I finally contacted the company again, spoke to a very rude representative who interrupted and lectured me constantly in a rude way and who cancelled my order on her own. This is poor business and worse customer service.
On a side note, I placed another order which included a free flashlight. I received my items after 10 days, the flashlight was on the packing list, but not in the package. When asking a customer service representative about it (same call when inquiring for my other order), I was told that the item is no longer manufactured and she is sorry about that. I never experienced such poor customer service and unprofessional business. Stay away from that company if you want to spare yourself a lot of trouble!

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