I’m more than unhappy by DU service.
Its been more than 2 months since I have closed my DU landline account. I’m runing and strugling for 2 and half month to collect back my security deposit. My account is inactif fore more than 2 month. I have open many tickets which they have never been processed, my several phone calls, ticket, complains remains unanswered, DU are clearly not willing to refund my deposit back, they are stealing my money and doing mistake after mistakes, the customer service is very unprofesdional. We can see a huge lack of professionalisme, they don’t care to their customer. DU are finding everytime 1001 excuses to not refun my deposit. Du is 100 % aware that this is their mistake but they are not doing anything to correct their mistake. It is not normal that a customer have to run after them to get back their right.
My patience have reached its limit. I don’t have anymore energy & time to hear again and again their non sens speaches. More than money this is question of principle. What DU is doing now is clearly and absolutely against the consumer right. My next step is now to call the TRA and raise a claim against DU.

Very unsatisfied and disapointed customer

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