Domo Gasoline

Me and my family went to domo just 30 mins (feb 7, 2019) agoarount 8:10pm on ne castleridge location. I was out of gas after wait of 15-20 mins the car in front of me moved but it stop on the second pump but he can go to the one in front of hi. So I below the horn just to ask him to move forward. The car person didn’t say anything but the boy working there name d alex start screaming on me I was with my kids and family he said get lost by raising his arm so I slide down my window and he said go away I am not going to fill you guys I request I have no gas but he keep refusing me. When the first car gone I move my car to the pump but he said go away i’m not going to serve you, than the another lady come out from inside and he just tell her that I am rude with him so he is not going to fill up she also ignore me and go inside her name is t-j tori. Than I go in side and request that lady but she said”no she can not do any thing. She said this is his right to refuse me but she also said I know his way is wrong but I cant help you” I ask that boy his name he said I don’t want to tell you my name. Than I ask that lady his name she tell his name is alex. I ask her to give me her name but she said I don’t want to give my name and I don’t want to get my job in trouble because of this stupidity. After convincing her she give me her name tj-tori which I am not sure if the name are right or not. I aging ask if they can fill me but they aging refuse. I said to lady she can check there video camera’s if I said any thing rude to that person. I was very depressed and shocked with there behaviour.

They don’t even care that my kids are with me.

Very very very bad service.

Ratinderjeet sandhu

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