Mr. Arora,

I would like to bring to your attention a problem I have had with your company since mid September. I contacted Shreyas in Member Care Live Chat. I had questions about Cricut cartridges in an upcoming estate sale. I asked Shreyas “IF” I purchased the cartridges could they be linked to my account. He replied that I would need to send a list and the images of the cartridges so he could link them to my account. Based on this exchange I purchased three cartridges; Cursive 101, Walk in My Garden and ZooBalloo and sent the attached request to have them linked to my account. Thankfully I did not buy more! Long story short, after several exchanges with several people I received a response from Raghu telling me the cartridges could not be linked. I sent the following response asking for an exception based on what I was told. I was referred to speak to management. I called and spoke to Tyler and provided a copy of the exchange I had with Shreyas, he explained that due to copyrights and royalties you were unable to link the cartridges to two accounts. He said he was only authorized to offer a $25. dollar credit and two months of free access to Cricut Access. I told Tyler that was unacceptable, that would not cover the cost of one of the cartridges on your website. I explained I would send the cartridges back to Provo Craft in good faith but I wanted the three cartridges linked to my account. I purchased the cartridges on good faith based on permission from your employee! Tyler said he understood and agreed with me but was only authorized to offer the $25. and the two month access. He referred me to Legal but they did not respond to my email request for a phone call. I have not tried to “scam ” the company or do anything wrong. I have been a good customer since the Cricut was first released and have purchased many cartridges and the new Cricut as they have been released. How is it fair or right that I lose money on a conversation with Shreyas and then am offered free access for two months? I lose money, lose the cartridges, and have to pay for access? That Mr. Arora is a scam, I get the privilege of paying your company again for something I already paid for based on permission from your employee. That sir was not my fault!! That is a conversation that should be conducted with Shreyas, I understand he made an error however he made the error in WRITING. I believe I have a reasonable request that you honor your employees statements, factual or in error.


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