Credit Bureau Collection Services [CBCS]

Christ Hospital scheduled an incontenence test Jan 3, 2017 advising patient did not have coverage insurance and charged in excess of $5000 for this test through Dr. Shau. Charges were considered under Aetna and everything paid except deductible of $1500. Yet, CBCS is attempting to collect $1576.82 (excess of deductible). Patient was billed varied amount by Christ Hospital ranging from $5000.00; $3, 800, $1840.00 to $1576.82. Because of the inconsistencies in billing and because other services were added to this deductible, it is apparent Christ Hospital is not posting payments correctly, consistentlyr in proper order. All other services have been reconciled, yet Christ continues to bill for over deductible amount $1500 to tune of $1576.82 acknowledging that $305 was received by Christ from patient. Patient asked for review of charges (not provided) based in inconsistencies in billing and misinformation about no insurance coverage beginning 2017. Patients with no insurance receive greater cost services than those with coverage. At one time CBCS alleged compromise offer to pay $1276 which is actual amount owed considered $305 in payments if in fact the original charges are correct based on knowledge of no insurance and not overstated charges based on no insurance. Services should not have been provided if patient did not have coverage. Provider and Attending Physician should suffer fine of $500 for scheduling non-approved services. All odd outstanding amounts owed by patient Juanita B. Thomas for year beginning January 2017 have been satisfied to other providers other than Christ Hospital, Robinson, Mercy Health, Tara J. Adhikari have been paid and should not be added to this deductible of $1500. Patient still feels ‘pee test’ was overcharged and similar services should have been researched by other providers before Dr. Shau ordered such an expensive tests.

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