Charlotte Russe

I made an order online on 9/29/18. But my items were not shipped until 10/2/2018. The reciept stayed I had 30 days from the shipping date. I was told by 3 different workers that I can only exchange. Came in on 10/25/18 & 10/31/18 and today. So today I went to ask why I had to exchange. I walked in the store sales associates walking around no greetings. I go to the register and see someone sitting in a chair and a manager standing there talking. I was unsure as to which side of the register to use so I stood on one side and waited until she finished her conversation or noticed I needed some help. She then turns around and says the line is back there. Then I noticed a small sign on the back counter. Nobody was in line or at the register so I thought she was still going to assist me. Then someone walked up and she decided to take them. Was as sweet as pie carrying on a long conversation with her just to be rude. Then we were helped next. She stated that we couldn’t get a refund because it’s over 30 days. Then I started to leave then turned around and told her the reciept said it was from the shipping date and she said no it’s from the order date. When she read it she then became loud and stated that she will scan it and show me it’s pass the 30 days. I then called to 1-800# and got some better results. But she was very rude and makes me not want to shop at that store. Not good with all customers.

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