Blue Truck Moving

On Tuesday, March 20th we were to have a couch delivered by the Blue Truck Moving Company out of Little Rock. It was to be delivered by 8:00 pm and instructions had been given not to enter our narrow driveway. The movers did not arrive until 9:30 pm and proceeded to back down our driveway. They were very rough in bringing in the couch even causing a tear in 2 places. The next morning I went to my car and saw that the back of the car had been smashed. The movers did not tell us about it.
I contacted Blue Truck and sent pictures of the damage. It was difficult reaching anyone at the company. After several calls, I was able to speak with an employee who agreed to take care of the damage. He finally gave me a name of collision center in my town, Evansville, and I got an estimate. He first agreed to send us a check, but then after waiting 2 weeks and several more calls, The employee said the insurance company would not send a check and insisted that the insurance company would only pay the collision center. So a check was sent to the center. The collision center said that the estimate might be more when they take parts off of the trunk and bumper. When the center took the car apart, additional damage was noted and that was expressed to Blue Truck. That is when I discovered that Blue Truck did not even file their insurance company and paid out of pocket and have now balked on paying for additional damage insisting now that Blue Truck must resubmit(which had never been submitted) to their insurance company. Blue Truck has still not submitted a claim for their damage. My car has been in the collision center now for over 5 weeks and is sitting in their lot torn apart. I continue to call Blue Truck Moving, Williams Sullivan Bonding and Insurance, the collision center, and now even my own insurance company without any apparent resolution with Blue Truck Moving, I have been unable to reach Blue Truck Moving and they have not returned my calls.

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