Bella Terra Cosmetics

Your products are great. People that sell them not so much. I was approached by a man selling your products his name is Adi, I clearly told him I didn’t have time yet he said he just was going to give me a brochure, he immediately started asking all These uncomfortable questions and applying make up on my face with dirty brushes, got too close to me and started pushing me to buy the products, I advised I get paid next week and asked if he could give me his number to call him and come back he got Very mad and started being very rude and yelled at me: you made me waste my time to which I replied : I told you no from the begginnimg because I didn’t want to waste your time.. he and other girl at the kiosk attacked me verbally.. he gen rudely told me to go away … this is the WORST customer mistreatment I have received in my entire life. I hate to post this but I had to share this, please provide customer care seminars to these people.. they do not how to treat their customers . As far as your products again they are amazing but I am concerned that because of the people that sell them you will start loosing customers one by one.

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