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Complaint: Bell Canada – Customer Service Representative: Harassment/Forceful Actions/Illegal Inquiries

We recieved a call from someone claiming to be a ‘representative’ from Bell Canada around 4:45 PM, he was harrassing my wife first and then me, forcing us to provide unnecessary information already given the fact that both of our names were on the phone line regardless of my elderly father who has retired and is a stroke patient who has trouble coming to the phone. He was constantly argueing with my me and kept asking why we use the phone number if the number is registered on my fathers name, which is obviously none of his business, he kept using harsh words and was unprofessional. Even after my wife confirmed that her father in law (my dad) was living with us, he kept asking me if who this ‘women’ was unprofessionally. Completly unacceptable and i want to file a complaint for this person. I told him to hold on so that i could give the phone to my elderly father, and as soon as my father came on the phone to confirm his identity he hung up. I was merely telling him that me and my wife’s name were also on the phone line regardless of my father who was original owner of the line. He is also a senior and has suffered a stroke recently. I told him consistantly that my name and my wife’s name were on the phone line with Bell Canada and he kept ignoring that and wouldnt check on his computer for our names. His tone of voice was as if he was someone of a harassing stature whose main reason for the call was to ask unnecessary personal information.

At about 5:00 PM I contact Bell Canada and tried to file a complaint on this person, i do not know his name nor did he give me it as he hung really fast. The representative i spoke to considered my complaint and told me that my name and my spouse’s name were already on the file and expressed doubts on why the other rep would not look over that before calling. They also said that as a customer service representative, the person we spoke to earlier shouldnt ask personal information due to the fact that it does not concern them and is a violation for the companies rules and regulations – that is to force and harass someone or provide false ‘judgement.’ They adviced me to visit this website and file a legal complaint on this rude, biased and unprofessinal representative. I want this representative to recieve deciplinary actions, I have been a customer for many years from Bell Canada and i did not expect that i would be treated like this. I have been harassed constantly by this person and i want the company to ‘trace’ this person and find out who he is and get him terminated immediatly. I am deeply sadened and frustrated by this call from your company. After being a customer for many years i told him that this was not a proper way to treat customers/clients which did not seem to effect this man. Once again, i want to request that this person be caught, traced, and brought to justice as it is unethical for any representative from Bell Canada to call customers up and harass them upon disbelief or force customers into providing sensitive information as well as lay out misjudgement on their customers. I want this representative i spoke to caught. This is a legitimate harassment call from someone claiming to be calling from Bell Canada as a customer service representative.

Shahid Syed,

([email protected])


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