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This place almost killed me. I went to the emergency room in an ambulance unable to even walk and screaming in pain. The ER doctor who was preoccupied with the nurses (and vice versa) was awful. He diagnosed my GIANT perforated ulcer as GAS. GAS????? Screaming in pain and unable to even walk = gas??? The CT scan clearly showed a perforated ulcer…obvious even to my gynecologist. He somehow overlooked it. Im not talking about a tiny tear, I am talking about at least a 1.5 in diameter HOLE in my stomach where anything I had eaten or drink had spilled out into my abdomen. Anyway. he kicked me out of the emergency room screaming in a wheelchair. After laying in pain for 2 days, I get in to a doctor that takes one look at the scan and instantly admits me for surgery. This is still at Baptist, of course. So by the time I am out I almost die several more times. I gained 30 lbs of fluid after the surgery and kept telling them. Did they give me a little lasik pill that would have prevented SO MUCH? No, they ignored it. The fluid crushed my lungs twice. They finally drained it after the constant screaming. Fluid on the lungs doesn’t sound painful, but believe me, it is. Finally the fluid on my heart caused me to have heart failure and go into atrial fibrillation. That is when they finally put me on lasik. And they had to reset my heart. And I had to be on heart medication for a year. If you do have to go here, please try to have someone with you at all times. My mother saved my life numerous times. It was her that told them that my heart rate being 180 at rest wasn’t normal (you think a nurse would know this) and it was her that FORCED them to put a heart monitor on me. They treated her like she was crazy and just did it to shut her up, but within the hour I was in the cardiac ward from all the lack of care I received there. It was also my mother that prevented them on 2 occasions from giving me someone else’s medication (the person happened to be a diabetic). Oh, and it was my mother that prevented them from doing some weird procedure on me that was meant for another patient. She almost got into an actual physical FIGHT over that one. Oh, and when they busted a fluorescent light that was above my bed and shards were all over me and in me, they had no clue what to do. They were just going to pick off the pieces that were visible and leave me in the same bed on the same sheets. It was my mom that had to demand that it be cleaned up properly and all the pieces be picked off. In fact, she had to do most of the picking. To reiterate, don’t go here. If you have to go here, don’t go alone. They will kill you. Now, their cardiac ward is great. It is like a whole other place. The staff is professional and helpful and courteous. Plus, they are COMPETENT. Also, Dr. Orsini is great if you happen to get him.

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