Baconko Travels

I posted this exact review on their Google reviews and website, where I knew it will never be posted so here goes. It should be a big fat zero not 1 star.

Dealing with this company was a complete nightmare. Megan was so disorganized that she forgot to book transfers for half the guests. She tried to charge the bride & groom for a unseeded & unused bus from the airport in Mexico. She charged every guest a different inflated price, unless she was called on it. She brought her children on a work trip. We (the guests) are wondering if all the different prices Megan charged was so she could bring her children & a babysitter for them on this work trip. When booking the seats on the plane to & from Mexico Megan had families with small children spread out all over the airplane, husbands & wives were split up as well, we couldn’t help but notice that Megan was sitting with her family on both flights. We the guests had to switch our seats once we got on the plane because we were unable to change ours seats prior to getting on the airplane. Megan was too busy drinking and getting drunk with guests at some of the functions to notice when there was a problem; the power went out at one function and we had to find her. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AND UNPROFESSIONAL. Megan should be investigated by whichever authority gives her a licence to become a travel agent. I know I speak for everyone involved in this wedding when we say BEWARE , BE VERY AWARE!! This company is a giant RIPOFF and Megan has NO IDEA how a travel agency should work. WEDDING EXPERTS MY ASS!! Absolutely clueless!!

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